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File a Warranty Claim

Need to File a Claim?

Our Team wants to provide you with top notch warranty service after you move in. The one year limited workmanship warranty is administered based on the standards listed in the 2-10 Warranty Booklet. This booklet was given to you when you signed a contract (and is available here). 

For a warranty request, fill out the form below, or you can call our Warranty Department at (251) 666-3906 for Alabama and Mississippi claims or (850) 308-7172 for Florida claims.

All warranty work will be scheduled at a time when you can be at home during business hours.
(Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm)

The warranty period is not an extended punch-list. It is a good idea to refer to the standards in the 2-10 Warranty Booklet before you make a claim so that time is not wasted on a claim that is not covered per the standards. Please read through the information on warranty appointments and making a claim given to you at your Heritage Homes Closing.

Urgent Requests / Emergencies

If this is an emergency, see below to see what items are considered an emergency and how to handle it if our offices are closed and you can’t contact us.

Emergency Warranty Service

As defined by the limited warranty, “emergency” includes situations such as:

During business hours, call: (251) 666-3906 for Alabama & Mississippi claims or (850) 308-7172 for Florida claims.

For HVAC, after hours, or on weekends or holidays, please contact the contractor directly if Heritage Homes offices are closed. Their contact information is posted on the unit in the heater closet.

For other trades, after hours, or on weekends or holidays, contact another contractor and have him or her carefully document the source of the problem. Pay the bill and submit copies of the service ticket and paid receipt to the Warranty Office. If this documentation substantiates the emergency nature of the service call, you will be reimbursed for all reasonable and appropriate costs.

Important: We only pay bills for services that explicitly meet the definitions for emergency service; no other bills will be considered.

If you prefer to mail your warranty request, all correspondence should be sent to:

Heritage Homes
Warranty Departments
P.O. Box 190879
Mobile, AL 36619