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Our Process


Selecting the Right Plan

Heritage Homes offers many different floor plans and variations of those floor plans. Selecting the right plan means deciding on the appearance, square footage and interior layout that works best for you. Schedule an appointment for a free estimate. This is also the time you will begin to work on financing with your lender.



Getting Ready to Build

Our Heritage Homes team will be glad to help you as you get your lot or property ready to build on . We put together a list of trusted subcontractors that can help you clear or level your lot. Feel free to give us a call, we are more than willing to help you.




Heritage Homes’ houses, built on monolithic slabs, contain rebar that meets or even exceeds the applicable building codes. Our experienced team lays out each foundation and double checks it for accuracy.




All of our houses are built using stick-frame walls and an engineered roof truss system. We work with an engineer to make sure each house built by Heritage Homes is quality construction made to withstand the elements of the region. Your Heritage Homes builder will meet with you after the framing is complete for the Customer Framing Value Checklist demonstrating to you each aspect of the framed home before sheetrock is hung.



Finish Work

Once the house is framed, the sheetrock is hung and finished. Next, the skilled trim carpenter installs the millwork in the house. Every house is built with decorative molding, paneled doors and all-wood cabinets, guaranteeing a beautiful finish.




Once the house is finished and punched-out, we want to present the completed project to you. Your Heritage Homes Builder will meet you one final time for the Home Value Demonstration. We’ll walk around the exterior of the house, in all the rooms, and look at the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Hopefully all will be satisfactory, but if we see something else that needs to be addressed, our team will take care of it before the closing.




Now that your home and punch list have been completed, you are ready to close on your new home and meet with our closing specialist to go over the build of the home, get an explanation of our warranty and get the keys to your new home!



your new home

It’s now time to move in to your new home. However, this is not where we leave you. You will still have our 2-10 warranty to keep you protected for many years to come.