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About Us

It’s our goal at Heritage Homes to provide you “More of Everything” throughout the entire construction process. Our Mission Statement is “Heritage Homes strives to sell, build, and warranty affordable houses, with exceptional value, superior quality, and unmatched customer service.” Our team strives to deliver on Heritage Homes’s Mission Statement with every home we build. With Heritage Homes, “More of Everything” means more standard features, more personal touches, more energy savings, more value, and more customer service.

Heritage Homes


Family owned for almost 40 years, Heritage Homes is built on delivering more value to the homeowner. Our core business is presold homes built on a customer’s lot. We’ve used this 40 years of knowledge and experience to refine our building process. We take a look at every part of our process regularly to see how we can do even better.

In 2003 Heritage Homes opened an office in Pensacola, Florida to better service the Florida Panhandle. We’ve built homes that have withstood many hurricanes all along the gulf coast. After every hurricane, we get several calls from homeowners, ecstatic that their house had little to no damage compared to their neighbors.

To date, Heritage Homes has built nearly 4,000 houses with most of our sales coming from customer referrals. In addition, all Heritage Homes customers are contacted by an independent surveying company. Over 90% of our customers who say the process was “easier than expected” and they would be willing to write a letter of recommendation. Our team is very proud of these results.

Heritage Homes was chosen twice (Mobile & Pensacola) to build a home on national television in one week for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


Heritage Homes


Our Team continues to work every day building The Heritage Homes Family. When we build a house for someone, we consider them part of the family. Our goal of building affordable houses, with exceptional value, and superior quality will not change. It’s the reason we’ve been able to continue growing the Heritage Homes Family. In early 2020, we came together as a team with a common goal – to create core values that would shape the future of Heritage Homes. Our core values center on family and define how to create exceptional value and superior quality with everything that we do.

Deluxe Granite Counter Tops

Heritage Homes


Heritage Homes strives to sell, build and warranty affordable houses with exceptional value, superior quality and unmatched customer service.

Our Heritage Homes Team works to deliver more value in your new home without sacrificing quality. In addition, we want to make your building experience pleasant. It starts by helping you find the perfect house for your family. We have over 50 floor plans to choose from and modify them to meet your needs. Our Team maintains relationships with the local lenders so we know who has the best loans and which would be perfect for you. During construction, we want you to play a role in making sure you receive that exceptional value and superior quality. We will keep you informed throughout the process and meet you at key stages to demonstrate that combination of value and quality. And even when your home is complete, we’ll stay in touch making sure you’re still satisfied and provide any warranty service required. It’s all part of our goal to give you MORE!